What is AZ Screen Recorder?

Have you ever wish to install any video on Instagram, Facebook, or youtube. Well, that feature is not available in any of these apps. But you can now record any screen video and watch the later.

AZ Screen Recorder Mod Apk has offered us many amazing functions, which we always wish in our androids. Now record anything of your device activity. The best thing is that its records in full HD and ultra HD quality, with high graphics. Also, it comes with a microphone, which also records the voice with the video. So, why to choose any ordinary recorder, if you have this amazing app.

File Information:

File NameAZ Screen Recorder
File Size20 MB
Latest Version5.3.8
System Requirements
5.0 and up
5 November 2019
  • Premium
  • Unlocked

How to Use:

AZ screen recorder is a very easy app to use and do a master function. All, you need to install it and, when you’ll open it, you can start the record option. To use the app firstly u need to adjust all the settings. And once if it’s over, you are ready to go! In the settings just on your microphones, so you will also record the audio. You have seen many times, we record the video, but the audio is not working. Well for that, you have to adjust all the audio setting.

As all the setting finishes, now you can go for the video recording. So, open the app and start the recording button. And for the thing, you like to record. For example, you want to record a video of Instagram. The on the screen recording and then open Instagram and record all that you want. After that again visit the app and stop recording.  Also, you can cut the extra part after the save.

No Time Limit:

In many recording apps, there is a time limit. But in AZ screen recorder, you’ll find not at all limits of time. So, now you can record video as much as you like. If your video is for one hour, you can easily record. And the best part is that this feature is all for free. So, record your whole screen for as much time you like. Because of its easy and free function.

So, this app has an amazing function and there is no need to stop your video. Just because of any time limit. If your device contain storage, then you can record for as much time you want.

Draw and Trim:

Here, AZ screen recorder introduces you with its brand new feature which is to draw. Now you can even draw on your video while editing. Also, you can trim the extra part of the video. These both features are available in the app.

So, if have unnecessary short like moving to the app, or stoping the recording. Then you can easily trim it and make your video easy to share with others. Also, after the video finishes, it will directly save in your gallery.

Also, the drawing function is definitely a fun part. Even with the front camera, you can record your face video. And can draw as much you like with different colour and markers. Even it includes some emojis. And you can also add the text along with paint.

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AZ screen recorder is an interesting app, where you can record your screenplays. Like if you want to inform some setting to someone. Then you can record all the screen actions. And even can share with others and it will save in your gallery. Also, this app comes without any interruption of the ad. Even there is no need for a jailbroken device to install AZ screen recorder. In this app, you can even draw and trim all the unnecessary shorts. So, install this amazing app and record your screen actions.


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