What is BlackPlayer EX?

Music is everywhere, but to listen to your favourite music you need a good audio player. We have a huge list of the music player in Appstore. But some of them satisfy us with its features and quality.

There are very few which contains limitless features that we demand in a music player. And from that, there is one player, which will suit your all mood and is best among all. We are talking about BlackPlayer EX Mod Apk, the best function it contains that it is ad-free. As from now, there is not any distraction of ads before any music, even after though.

File Information:

File NameBlackPlayer EX
File Size15 MB
Latest Version
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
7 January 2020
  • Premium
  • Full Version
  • Patched

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 Why BlackPlayer EX mod Apk is Best:

When we talk about the satisfactory factors about this app, they are limitless. But there is an issue, to use all of them first you have to buy this app. When you try to install it from Appstore, all you have to pay and get it. But we have another option for you, where you can install it free of cost.

All, you can have through BlackPlayer EX mod Apk. It is a modified app of official, but you can enjoy all features for free. To install this modify App, you have to uninstall the official version. So, it is better not to purchase BlackPlayer EX app. Because you can have all the features free of cost in BlackPlayer EX mod Apk.

Custom Controls:

BlackPlayer EX is not only a music app but here you can even adjust the pitch of your music. In this feature, you can Equalise the sound effect for any music. It contains the ten type of equalizer and it can be used for each and every song.

Also, just adjust for later use and even customize each music. In this equalizer option, you can adjust the frequency of the song. Like if you want the base in high range and the sound to be in low pitch. You can adjust these kinds of this in the app to listen to any music.

Make your Playlists:

Making playlist get it easy for you to manage your favourite songs. You can make different types of list, according to your mood. In my BlackPlayer EX, I have made three play list, sad, gym or romantic. And in each of them, I manage the songs that suit the mood.

You can make it your own choice. To make nay playlist, just play the music and add to playlist option. They will ask for the name of the playlist, just type and your list is ready. You can play that list anytime and you don’t have to change music. It will continue to play according to your chosen songs.

Another Addition:

Blur and darkness customisation:

You can even adjust the screen options of music. Like if you want the display of music dark, you can easily add this. And even you can Blur it for the more cool look. It also contains now playing themes, which you can add anytime in your list.

Custom colours:

Along with this blur and dark feature, you can add colours. There are 11 colour accents available in the app. Like red, blue, yellow, lime green, green, brown, gold and many more. You can add these on the action bar, the main window and on main music.

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Download BlackPlayer EX Mod Apk:




BlackPlayer EX is a different type of music app. Which contains all types of music, even you can say it is a music library. To enjoy all the music and even you can adjust the pitch of your song. In other words, you will have equalizer in it. Even you can add eleven variant colours to make it more attractive. Also, make your playlist for anytime music. So, install BlackPlayer EX mod Apk, which is all free to install and use.


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