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DomiNations is a epic new strategy game of exploration, development, and conquest. Lead your Country to ultimate success during all human history — in the Stone Age to the Space Age! Construct your capital town, select your Country from one of the best civilizations of the planet, and conquer rival Alliances to develop into the most effective ruler on Earth!DomiNations is a strategy game in which players command a culture from the beginnings around the distance race. Sound very similar to what you would see in Civilization? Well, it is not. In reality, that is just another title that is closely motivated by Clash of all Clans.

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Battle Countries from All over Background in DomiNations!Build your empire and control countries as you create them grow out of a little village into a thriving metropolis, and also conflict among the amazing civilizations in the background of earth.Construct a country, beginning as an early settlement and develop throughout the ages, by the dawn of history into the contemporary age. Study beneath history’s greats in the University such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Catherine the Great. Construct Wonders of earth and make tech with historically true progress.

Pick from eight countries and embark on historical campaigns progressing through background. Each culture, by the Romans to the Japanese, includes a exceptional strength and special units. Construct your military then examine your historical may against other players in PvP battle, or form approaches to overcome the planet together.Build your empire and embark upon an historic journey of conquest! Download DomiNations now!