What is IMDb Movies?

Many times we decide to watch any move on our phone, laptop or at any device. But a problem occurs every time while choosing any movie. Which one you should watch ad there are tons of movies. But to resolve your this problem, we are introducing you with IMDb Movies app. IMDb Mod Apk is an online database of information of all moves, series and more.  Here, you can know the ratings of all movies and series. Even the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything for it.

Along with the ratings, you can choose your favourite move and add it to the wishlist. Even you can book your tickets for any upcoming movie. Also, subscribing with prime videos you can watch any movie and series on it. Just read the rating watch any move. Also, it includes all movies from old to new and even the new releases.

File Information:

File NameIMDb Movies
File Size24 MB
Latest Version
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
21 December 2019
  • Ad-Free
  • Premium

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Record of all Entertainment

Before watching any movie it is always better to watch its record. So, you’ll new waste your time. And by doing smart work you can choose a better one. Well for this IMDb Movies will help you ina best method.


You can have all the news about recent old movies. Also, you can know the whole star cast of the movie and all for free. It contains more than 2 million firms and millions of series. And even get the full knowledge about the director, producer, actor, actors, sporter and more. You can know when the date of release and all the trailers of any movie.

Add ratings 

Whenever we watch any movie we have different views for each movie. And when we share it with anyone, it will become easy for others to know about it. Well, IMDB is the same platform where you can share your reviews and your ranks. So, it will become easy for others to know more about the movie.

This amazing app was started 20 years ago in October 1990 and become the most hit of all time. It is the only app which shows the exact rating of any series and movie. And if you have this app, just don’t go anywhere you are at the right place to watch. To add the ratings, all you have to register in it and you can give revies about anything.

Book your Show:

If you have trouble booking your show the just do it with IMDB. Now, you don’t have to stand in a queue for the ticket of a movie. Or you don’t need to go hours before a move to just buy a ticket. Just install this app and book your tickets.


You can know all about the upcoming events near you and even can watch the trailer of coming movies. Also, add your favourite theatres to your favourite list. Also, you can watch movies on this, buy subscribing amazon prime. As they are in partnership with each other, so it will become easy for you to watch anytime anywhere. Even this way, you can choose any seats and can book anytime.

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Download IMDb Movies Pro Mod Apk:




As a result, IMDb Movies is an amazing app and you can analyze any movie for free. Along, with this, you can rate your most liked and disliked move according to your rank. Even before watching any movie you can also overlook the trailer. So, you can know more about the movie and series. It also includes all the series in it.  Also, you can make your own wish list, where you can add your favourite movies and the upcoming one. And can share it with friends and family. So, install IMDb Movies for free and know everything about movies.


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