jetAudio Music Player Plus pro 9.5.1 Apk (Black Design) Free Download Full Version For Android
jetAudio Music Player Plus pro 9.5.1 Apk (Black Design) Free Download Full Version For Android

What is JetAudio Music Player Plus Pro?

Music lovers are always in search of the best music player app. As on a daily bases, we try to make and compare the for best music apps. So, you can enjoy the delightful piece of music.

So, today we are introducing you with another amazing music player which is JetAudio Music Player Plus Pro Mod Apk. Well, as its name, it comes with jet audios and comes with the best quality. Here, it is not only a music app, but you can manage your sound according to your choice. And it contains all the music you like to listen to. Even they are new or even older. So, let us take a look more about their amazing music player. And what it provides us and its different resources.

File Information:

File NameJetAudio Music Player Plus Pro
File Size17 MB
Latest Version
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
17 December 2019
  • Full Version
  • Premium

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Manage Sound Effects:

In jetAudio Music Player Plus Pro, users can all manage their sound effects. Every person, like to listen to a specific type of music. And each of them has their own choice to adjust their music. JetAudio Music Player Plus Pro comes with different sound effects. And you can adjust it according to your likes and dislikes.

It offers us effects like x- base, x-wide, Hall, pitch and more. You can adjust all of them as per your choice. Like if you want more base in music then you have to hold and move up to increase. And if you want no base, then just hold and slide down. There will be no nase in your music and it comes the same with all.

Add Gallery Pictures:

In many kinds of music, we contain some memory. As from now, you can add that memory on your music. In other words, you can add pictures in music from your gallery. It can be anyone’s and also can be wallpaper.

This features it to feal more with the song. Each song comes with a team of a photo. But what if you can add your own or new picture. In this way, it will easy for you to choose the song. Also, in your kid’s music, you can add their picture. And there are many reasons where you can add your photos. And can connect your song and photo in one frame.

Compose Playlist:

Makin playlist, adds order to your favourites song. And it is the most important features, that we always demand in any music app. Without these features, you cannot repeat your music in sequence. And while listening to music it is difficult to remember tons of music. For that, we have this amazing feature.

Here, you can add your favourite songs in a list. To make a playlist, all you need to play the music. And then just add that music to the playlist. You can compose a new list and give it a name. Along with it, you can make as much music list as you want. After you complete your playlist. Also, all the songs will autoplay in the order of sequence. And you can also give the name to it.

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Download JetAudio Music Player Plus Pro Mod Apk:




As a result, jetAudio Music Player Plus Pro is an amazing music player. Where you can have a limitless choice of options. It is a library of music, where you can listen to any music of any time. Even it comes in categories like sad, romantic, jazz, rocking and more. You can choose according to your mood. And to enjoy all the music for free just download jetAudio Music Player Plus pro mod Apk. It is the free app of the official app. Also, you can customise the effects of sounds. So, install and enjoy new music with new frames.


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