KineMaster – Pro Video Editor Apk Unlocked Latest Version Download For Android
KineMaster – Pro Video Editor Apk Unlocked Latest Version Download For Android

What is KineMaster?

As the time of social media increasing, vides and photos are becoming more valuable. As they contain the huge content of lives. We all are very much active in social media like we are in our life. As we always like to share our life, by sharing photos and videos. The more you share your routine the more people will follow you.

But behind every entertainment, there are lots of filters and hard work. Even posting a single video, you have to edit it in the best way. Well, as time has changed and we can do all things on our phone. So, for any video editing, we need the best app, well there is non-other then ”KineMaster Mod Apk”. Now, let’s take a look more about this amazing app.

File Information:

File NameKineMaster
File Size75 MB
Latest Version4.12.1.14900.GP
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
9 January 2020
  • No Watermark
  • Unlocked
  • Premium Full Version

Professional Functions:

Many people think, that they can have pro editing only with computer software. They are not wrong, because it uses to be in old time. When we don’t have a smartphone. As time is changing, so our phones are more beyond then callings and photo clicking. We can now edit professionally. KineMaster, contains many amazing functions, that you will not find in any photo editing app. And the best part is that they are for free.

Now, you can add as many effects and filter in your video. Users can now, make a video along with there pictures. Also, can merge any clip with the other one. Make your video more interesting by adding texts. Also, there will be a verity of fonts available. So, you can make your video more interesting to watch.

Tools Box:

This tool box will help to refine your video is the best form. As there are many ways to make and edit video. Like you can add multiple of images and make a video. Also, you can crop two videos and merge them in one. Also, there are many more options.

Well, to make any kind of video all you need are tools. They help you crop the extra part, and also, can merge the necessary videos. Also, first, edit your every photo and put it in your video. Choose, some ten to twenty phots. And adjust them in a row and your video is ready to go!

Add Sounds

Well, a video without sound is not so much interesting. And this sound feature should be must in a video editing app. As many of editing app, doesn’t contain this, but you don’t have to disappoint.

Because KineMaster comes with this feature, where you can add music to any video. Ans most interesting, you can even choose from your music players. If you want a different sound, the KineMaster also offers you some soothing sounds. There is a verity of sounds you can play and listen. After that just adjust in your video and make it more fun. Even the best part you can also add up your voice and any voice record.

New Additions:

KineMaster comes with many updates, where it offers it, users, new features. And you can enjoy all of them for free. It contains those features that will make your editing more fun and smart. It includes many features like:

Slomo and Fast:

In it, you can slow or fast your video. Like its raining outside and if you like to make that part slow and more beautiful. Then you can easily go for it. Also, there is no need to di it in the whole video. You can do it in little sections. And fast motion features where you can speed up your video.


Well, this is the most different function and most fun from all. Here you can reverse your video and confuse people. Let me tell you a secret, you can also, show people magic tricks, by reversing a video.

Stickers and Emojis:

Well, this is my favourite feature in any editing app. This will make your photo cool and funny.

Add Text:

So, express your feeling with your video. Also, you can add text for more loving quotations.

Download KineMaster Mod Apk:




So, as we are summing up all, it only refers to as the best video editing app. Also, it comes with those features that you will not find in any other app. Here, it comes with the best video quality and you can enjoy all the music on it. So, install this fantastic, video editing app for free.


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