What is Nature Sounds?

We are living very busy lives where we don’t get enough time for ourself. As we have a very busy schedule, that we feel every hectic and burden fully. So, how could we get time for us, and feel calm in frustrating moods? Well, today we are going to introduce you with an amazing app ”Nature Sounds Mod Apk”.

It offers us amazing sounds of nature that relax us with any mood. And it helps in concentration and for good sleep. Best this you can listen to these calm sounds anytime anywhere. Even if you have a problem while speeling, then listen to these sounds before sleeping. As these sounds and waves calm your mind and relax you with any mood.

File Information:

File NameNature Sounds
File Size27 MB
Latest Version
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
January 14, 2020
  • Premium

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Sound Modes:

Now, you can choose the sound of nature according to your choice. As we spend all of our time in office and work. That we forget to spend time in nature. Its been long when you hear the voice of waterfall, soothing wind, birds and many more. Well, now you can listen to any sounds through your phones. ”Nature Sounds” comes in sections of sounds where you can choose according to your mood.

It comes with sounds like Relaxing ocean, calming field, summer forest, Waterfall, windy mountains and many more. While sleeping you can listen to the music of the waterfall, windy mountain and any type you like. In these sections, there are seven to ten sounds available. You can choose any of them and enjoy your time in the new world of calmness. The best thing it refreshing you any time and changes your mood.

Adjust Sound Timer:

Well, this feature is best among them all. You can listen to these tunes in your music players but they don’t allow to set timmer. Also, it introduces you with a large number of sounds and all are a different one.

This apps helps you when you are going to sleep. But after that, you want to calm your mind with these sounds. Just adjust the timing before going to sleep and play your sound. It will end in your set trimming. This feature will help to save your data pack and also your battery. That if you get to sleep, it will automatically stop the sound.

High-Quality SoundsĀ 

Today these types of apps are becoming of basic necessity. These are helpful for our mental health. As we are taking care of everything in our life but we forget about our mental health. So, Nature Sounds help like a doctor your mind, which calms and relax you. And it comes with amazing natural soundtracks.

Also, you’ll never disappoint with the quality of sound. As it feels like you are really in nature. These sounds only work when they connect us in a natural way. So, Nature Sounds come with the best quality of music. As when you listen to them and feel them it’s like you are in that place.

Beautiful Pictures:

As this is a sound app, but along with it, you can enjoy Beautifull images. It comes with HD quality videos and all of nature. Like images of rain on grass. Or the picture of the waterfall. As when you combine both sound and images it feels more soothing. You can even install these images and music and listen to them offline.

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Download Nature Sounds Mod Apk:




Nature Sounds is an amazing app, that is best for your mind. Whenever you are in a bad mood or having mood swings. Just go for this app, it will help you to keep calm. You can also, listen to music offline and watch soothing images. Also, set the time limit of any track. So, don’t wait just install Nature Sounds for free.


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