Netflix 6.13.0 Cracked Apk (Free Membership) Download Latest Version
Netflix 6.13.0 Cracked Apk (Free Membership) Download Latest Version

What is Netflix?

Netflix Mod Apk is a world popular app, where you can watch all the famous series and movies. Would you like to have more fun in life? Netflix without sign in is here for you. This amazing app, includes all the programs, moves, reality shows and much more. Also, there are limitless choices and watch from thousands of shows. This includes all langue series, basically the famous one from a specific country. Even you can search in the searching section, for your favourite movie.

Download File Information:

File NameNetflix
File Size5 MB
Latest Version7.38.0
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
Updated9 December 2019
FeaturesFree Membership

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Netflix Subscription:

Netflix is everyone’s favourite app, but to enjoy is shows and more, you have to take a  subscription. There are Four Netflix plans, and you can downgrade and upgrade the anytime.  You’ll have four type of subscription which are as follows.


First,  where the maximum of four people can buy this plan in one pack.  This four-pack costs of Rs799. And it can be used by four people and one children account. Which is also, complimentary. Many people go for this one, because it contains, HD and Ultra HD videos. Also, you can use this on phone, laptop, television and on any device. It is the high plan among all, and it includes all the features.


The second plan is of 649 rupees and its sufficient for two people. In other words, the standard plan includes Two accounts and also the child one. You can use this plan on any device, whether its laptop or phone. The premium and stared are both similar. But the only difference is that it comes with two accounts, and premium comes with four. Also, it doesn’t contain ultra HD videos like premium version. So, if you are two holders then this plan is best.


Well, in this plan you’ll get very basic features as its name says. But it is sufficient for one user. In this plan, you’ll not get any HD or ultra HD videO. If you like watching in Hd then don’t go for this plan. But you can use this in any device. Also, remember this plan can be open only in one device at a time. This, includes all the series, movies and all like other plans. This plan costs 499 rupees.


Now comes the mobile version, its subscription is of 199 rupees. If you like to watch Netflix only on your phone, then go for this plan. But the drawback is that it doesn’t comes with HD and Ultra HD video. It is the cheapest among all the subscription, but best for one user. Even it includes all the shows and movies like other plans. Also, this plan works the same as Basic. But if you are a phone user then Mobile is better then basic.

Watch Offline:

Do you know that you can watch any series or movie anywhere, without any internet connection? Well yes! now users can install their favourite drama in watch later. You can also, play even you are offline. You can start downloading if you watch any other series. Just download and watch for free. Also, the best part is that you can resume the video. In other words, you can start the video where you have last seen.


Having difficulty in choosing any show? Netflix also solves that problem, as you’ll get all the categorize movies and series. Like the most popular, Tv dramas, Trending, Comedies, Horror and many more. So, it will become easy for you which type of show you like to watch. Also, the best part is that you will get recommendations according to the previous watch. Like I watch friends, so I get recommendations to the show that re similar to friends. In this way, Netflix will get to know your choice.

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Download Netflix Mod Apk:




As a sum up, we all are Netflix is a well know streaming app. Which contains the best series and movies of the world. You’ll never disappoint with this app. Every week it comes with the latest shows and which are well know. You can also watch their trailers in ”Coming soon” section. Also, best part searches for the particular drama and download them to watch offline. So, install this amaizng app and watch your favourite drams every day!


  1. My brother and I just watched The Witcher on Netflix. Have you guys watched it yet? It’s really good. Especially Henry Cavill. I think he plays an excellent Geralt. I think though that I like the Mandalorian a little better than The Witcher though if I’m being honest. Which one did you like more?


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