What is Translate Box?

What is the main part of the conversation? Well, it’s a language, but what if We don’t understand the other person’s language? Well, my answer is Just to use Translate Voice, Photo & Text – Translate Box Mod Apk.

It is a well know app, to take any person, from another place of the country. Well if you are a traveller and like to travel new places then definitely Translate Voice, Photo & Text – Translate Box is best. Each place has its own language, you can now understand any language in the world. Just say your words and it will translate it for you.

File Information:

File NameTranslate Box
File Size21 MB
Latest Version
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
November 13, 2019
  • Premium

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Work as a Dictionary

I am also learning many languages and many times we need an online dictionary. Well.there are many available, but what about a voice dictionary. We all take classes and go to institutes to learn languages.

But with all those studies we need extra guider, that will translate our doubts. You can just write about the word and it will come with its meaning on your language. Even you can click the picture of the sentence in the app. And all the meanings come in your language form. And it makes it easy for you to understand and learn any new language.

Contains all Languages:

As we are living in a huge world, where there are limitless languages. Learning them is a tough job, without any sources. Well, now you can learn any of them through Translate Voice, Photo & Text – Translate Box.

It contains all the languages of the world. And even translate it in your way of leaning. You can know the meaning, pronunciation and article of them. As many of contains the article. So, if you are doubt in any word or sentence the just go for this amazing app. All, you need to download the choice of your language. And it will translate everything for you.

Voice Translator:

We all have listened about the searching translation. But have you ever listen about Voice translating app. Well, now we will introduce you to the easiest method of translation. Which makes you easy to learn any language, clear your doubts for word.

Also you can communicate with anyone through this amazing app. And it translates free for you as you don’t have to pay anything. Just tap the voice button and speak in your language it will translate in your suggested language. So, it will easy for you to understand anyone at any place.

 Picture Translator:

The best part is that you can even translate any picture. Like if you are studying any german language book, you can translate it in English. Just click the picture of that page in the app and you’ll get translated each word. In this way, you can learn and understand any language very fast and easily. This feature is different from all as it comes with this app.

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Download Translate Box Mod Apk:




So, as we are summing all about Translate Voice app, it comes with all the best features. Here, you can translate your voice and even can translate the pictures. In other words, Translate Voice is the most convenient way of translating any language in the world. It is basically a free app, but some of features are locked. So, you can unlock it through Translate Voice, mod apk. Which is all for free and you can learn new languages.


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