Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Pro Apk 2018 Download For Android
Virus Cleaner (Hi Security) - Antivirus, Booster Pro Apk 2018 Download For Android

What is Virus Cleaner?

We all are aware of this thing that virus is bad in everything. If they come in contact with our body the harm us. Also, if they enter in our phone, laptop, the computer they harm our device. So, how to protect us from them. Well, about the body, you need to fo to doctors and for phone, you are in the right place.

So, to protect your device we are introducing you with ana amazing app, that removes all virus from your phone. As there are many virus cleanser apps, but they didn’t do their job 100%. But Virus Cleaner Mod Apk, do its job at it best. So, if you have this app, then you are completely from the virus on your phone. So, let us know more about Virus Cleaner app and its functions.

File Information:

File NameVirus Cleaner
File Size23 MB
Latest Version
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
16 January 2020
  • Premium Full Version

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Eliminates Phone Virus:

Many times your phone starts to hang and you have to wait for many time to start it. And, it switches offs while using it or even if you are in a call. What is the reason for that? Is your device is ruined?

Well, there is not any reason, the only reason is that it has come in contact with the virus. Which disturbs your device. All, you have to clean it up, otherwise, it will harm your phone. For that, you can install Virus Cleaner ap which remove all the virus from your phone. And even help to protect it from another device

How Does it Work?

There are many ways through which the virus enters in your device. First one is that when you come in contact with another device through USB, Bluetooth and more sharing option. When you connect with other device and it if it contains a virus.

That will transfer into your phone and will harm it. But if you have a Virus Cleaner, there there is no chance of entering. So, it is better to protect your device now, rather than any delay.

Power Up Speed:

Now, there will be no more frustration of phone hand or more. The worst part that a virus device contain is the hang of the phone. And you have to wait for many times to recover. And most of the time you are in a hurry, but your phone is hanging.

Well, no more frustration now, as you can stop this problem, and even power up the speed of your device. It will become easy for you to use any app or for calling. All, you have to open the app, and just one tap and your device are bosted. And you can smoothly use it.

Add LockĀ 

As we have discussed, that Virus Cleaner is an anti-virus app. And it protects all the device from a virus. Along with it, you can add the lock to your apps.

So, it will add up more security to your phone and app. If you have an important app, then you can add a password to it and protect it from the virus. Also, it cools down your phone and of those apps that are causing overheat.

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Download Virus Cleaner Mod Apk:



Sum up:

As a result, Virus Cleaner is a super-fast app for cleansing the app. Everything will cleanse up in your device. And also you can use your device very placidly. Along with all, you can also protect your app by adding a password in it. The amazing this is that you don’t have to remember for the time to time cleaner. As app alerts you with the notification. So, it will become easy for you to boost up your phone. So, just install this amazing app Virus Cleaner, which is ad-free and free to install.


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